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OPPO Find X3 Series Released: With Three Rear Cameras, Starting at $690

The OPPO Find X3 series was officially unveiled. This is the first colour image flagship that integrates 10bit through shooting, encoding, storage, decoding, and display. It is also the first flagship to adopt an integrated, streamlined curved body design.

The OPPO Find X3 series adopts a continuous curved surface design. The lens is designed with an integrated “ring mountain” so that the imaging system and the back cover are integrally formed with no breakpoints. The backplate is hot-forged from a whole piece of glass, and the back surface is completely integrated. It is matched with mirror black, solid white, fog blue and cosmic mocha colours to meet different users’ actual needs.

For the first time, the OPPO Find X3 series realizes the full link of 10bit colour from shooting, encoding, storage, decoding, and display. The full link 10bit covers the entire image processing process of acquisition, encoding, storage, decoding, and display. It has the ability to process 10bit data in all links, solving the problem of incompatibility of the underlying system with 10bit image information. OPPO Find X3 uses a 6.7-inch screen that supports a native 1 billion colour display and 8192 brightness adjustment on the screen. The new LTPO technology blessing also allows the OPPO Find X3 series’ screen refresh rate to be dynamically adjusted between 1Hz-120Hz.

In the imaging system, the OPPO FindX3 is equipped with 1 billion colour dual main cameras. The wide-angle main camera and the ultra-wide-angle adopt IMX766 sensors, with 13 Megapixel telephoto lenses and a microscope lens that supports 60 times magnification. Users can shoot good works in any scene.

It is worth mentioning that this time OPPO also teamed up with director Jiang Wen to create two different colour filters. Jiang Wen Movie No. 1 brings warmth, and Jiang Wen Movie No. 2 brings a charming black and white film texture. If you like to pursue individuality, you can also implement different filters through your phone’s built-in AI, colour master.

In terms of performance, OPPO Find X3 Pro uses the Snapdragon 888 mobile platform with LPDDR5 memory, which can meet users’ actual needs in any scenario. The OPPO FindX3 uses the Snapdragon 870 mobile platform, and its performance can also meet daily use.

Also, the OPPO FindX3 series is equipped with ColorOS 11.2, which has greatly improved the response speed, frame rate stability, and read and write speed, and it will not get stuck for a long time. The global search is more lightweight, concise, and smarter, and it also provides full link protection in terms of security and privacy.

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OPPO Find X3 has two versions, 8GB+128GB and 8+256GB, priced at 4499 yuan and 4999 yuan. OPPO Find X3 Pro is available in 8GB+256GB, 12GB+256GB, and 16GB+512GB versions, priced at 5499-yuan, 5999-yuan 6999 yuan, respectively and will be officially launched on March 19.

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