OnePlus Watch 2 official figure Announced, with 100 hours of ultra-long battery life

IGeekphone, February 21 news, after three years, OnePlus officially unveiled the appearance of its new smart watch, OnePlus watch 2 will be officially launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 26.

Oneplus has positioned the OnePlus Watch 2 as a “partner of time”, not only a wearable device, but also a comprehensive way to improve the quality of life of users. The move also marks the company’s strong return to the smartwatch market after a three-year “reflective pause.”

IT House noted that in a community blog post, OnePlus detailed the features of its next generation smartwatch, the most notable highlight of which is its ultra-long battery life of up to 100 hours. Oneplus says, “This will set a new standard in the industry, ensuring that your watch seamlessly connects to the pace of your life.”

In terms of durability and design, with a stainless steel body and sapphire crystal dial, the OnePlus Watch 2 is available in both black and bright steel color schemes, and OnePlus claims that the watch can withstand the test of everyday life.

While OnePlus has not confirmed the operating system details of the OnePlus Watch 2, some leaks suggest that it could be the company’s first smartwatch to feature the WearOS operating system, rather than the RTOS (real-time operating system) of its predecessor.

Oneplus said that the OnePlus Watch 2 is not only a flagship smart watch, but also intended to redefine the smart watch category, from a “flagship killer” to an “ecological builder.”

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