Oneplus 12 World premiere 2K East Screen: refresh 18 records

Igeekphone news on November 29, Oneplus 12 has been scheduled to be released on December 5, and will be the world’s first 2K East screen.

Oneplus Li Jie introduced today that this screen is a landmark product created by OnePlus and BOE after two years of investment in research and development funds, gathering the top experts in this industry, and may be the most powerful domestic screen ever.

Li Jie said that the “Oriental screen” is the only mobile phone screen that has the display, eye protection and fluency at the same time.

In terms of display, it became the first domestic 2K screen to obtain DisplayMate A+ certification, and refreshed an astonishing 18 records, becoming the most refreshed straight phone screen.

In terms of brightness, it has the highest peak brightness of a phone screen. Higher screen brightness also represents a higher luminous efficiency of the screen, so it not only allows users to calmly cope in the outdoor use environment, at the same brightness, it also has lower power consumption, but also has better HDR display effect.

In terms of eye care, it has brought a revolutionary new generation of medical-grade eye care programs, the industry’s existing eye care programs “Eastern screen” are all more extreme, and the industry’s no eye care program “Eastern screen” will be the first to lead.

In terms of fluency, it is based on the new 8T circuit features and the exclusive self-developed new LTPO technology, bringing the fluency of Android phones to a new peak.

In terms of life, it is based on the new X1 luminous material and the exclusive self-developed algorithm, making the life of the Eastern screen twice that of the industry.

Li Jie previously said that the strength of the Oneplus 12 exceeds all the products in the same gear, and its experience is more than the other Pro products released recently.

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