Oneplus 12 first SONY light toner LYT sensor from Li Jie: the strongest master shot in the same file

Igeekphone November 8 news, according to the Oneplus official micro message, the Oneplus 12 the world’s first light-emitting “LYTIA” series flagship sensor.

Li Jie of OnePlus Technology said that this time on OnePlus 12, the OnePlus team joined hands with SONY to jointly develop the new light toner LYTIA series flagship main photography that opens the new future of mobile imaging, creating the strongest image for you.

SONY Light Toner LYT sensor and algorithm collaborative design, the combination of device characteristics and algorithms to the extreme.

It is reported that the main camera of the Oneplus 12 is SONY LYT808, this Sensor has 50 million pixels, the sensor size is 1/1.4 inch, using double-layer transistor pixel stacking technology.

Specifically, double-layer transistor pixel stacking refers to the encapsulation of the photodiode and pixel transistor on separate substrates, while traditional stacked CMOS image sensors, photodiodes and pixel transistors are side by side on the same substrate.

This new structure expands the capacity of the photodiode and the size of the transistor, which can double the saturation semaphore and improve the dynamic range.

In addition, OnePlus 12 launched the 2K East screen jointly created by OnePlus and BOE, which is the first 2K screen of DisplayMate A+ in China, refreshing an amazing 18 records.

Li Jie emphasized that the Oneplus 12 has no opponents in the same gear, which means that the One plus 12 has achieved the lead in the same gear in terms of image, appearance, performance, including vibration and screen experience, which is the base of my saying that the one plus 12 is a product that is very worth looking forward to.

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