Onda V919 Air – Sub $180 Tablet With Great Specs!

So I have been thinking about a Tablet PC for some time now, ever since I saw the Onda early this year, it just seems like a great option for such a small outlay

I decided on the Quad Core 64bit Onda V919 Air – with 4GB Ram and 9.7 IPS inch screen

Anyway lets talk about the Tablet 

On opening the box the first thing you will notice is the build quality, it really feels far more premuim than its $179 price indicates

I would say it feels almost the same as the iPad, although perhaps a little lighter at 450g

Super thin at only 7.9mm which looks great!

First switch on, and Windows loads up in around 10/15 seconds which is also impressive

WiFi is super quick, as is surfing and opening web pages, downloading programs was again super quick

4GB Ram means you should never be lagging around waiting for pages to load, in fact I would say it is as quick as my 4GB Ram laptop which was a nice surprise

Advertised as 64GB Rom but in reality you have around 57GB internal memory, with around 40GB free

(I’m unsure where the 17GB of memory has gone, but I will do some more tests and report back regarding this)

This however can be increased upto a massive 178GB by using a 128GB exernal Micro SD CardÂ

Blueooth works very well, and there is a Micro USB port for charging (or perhaps OTG but I have yet to test this)

The 2048*1536 IPS screen is very responsive, no double taps or “Ghost Touches” here

I did notice a slight buffering in Youtube, but this was more likely due to my using several online devices while testing

Personalizing the Tablet is a breeze, it’s essentialy a small computer with Windows 10, so everything you do on your PC/Laptop can be done on the Tablet

The only thing which a little time to work out, was the keypad for typing web pages, but I am not used to a Tablet, so perhaps this was my stupidity

I have to mention the Windows badge/icon on the bottom of the Tablet now, as this really is the only thing which annoys me, as when ever you are using the tablet, you end up touching this, opening up then settings menu

I guess you would get used to this little annoyance , but I felt I had to mention it

Now I do realize we do not buy these Tabelts for the camera’s, but it would have been nice to have a better camera on this, both front and rear Camera’s are only 2mp

I think this is a bit of a let down, and if I am 100% honest the picture quality is bad!

Watching YouTube videos is however very pleasant, I watched a few 1080 HD video’s and the quality was very good, so watching movies would be a pleasnt experience too

You can use a 3G Dongle if you need to, but there is no Sim slot which would have been a bonus while you’re out and about (they do have a 2GB version with Sim Slot however)

Another slight disappointment is the speaker, there is only one for a start, and it is tiny, in fact the speaker on my LeTv X500 is bigger! so I feel a good set of headphones will be needed here

All common langauges are supported out of the box so no worries there

There were however no extra’s included, not even a set of earphones which I feel should perhaps have been added

So should you buy this Tablet?

Well if you are on a budget ad looking for a full Windows 10 Tablet with great Ram (4GB) and want something which looks special, then yes this is a great buy!

With a decent size Micro SD Card you should never be short of free space

The Onda V919 Air runs beautifully smooth, and is faster in some respects than my Windows 10 laptop also with 4GB Ram

It looks amazing, it feels awesome, and it runs super quick with a quality HD Display

Loading Windows from cold startup is very quick and this Tablet will do pretty much everything you need it to do on a daily basis

The 8200mAh Battery will last you most of the day with average use (although a full 0-100% charge will take some 5 hours)

Should you not buy this Tablet?

The only negatives I have to mention here are the speaker which is way too small and sounds pretty crappy

The camera is truly terrible! if you need a good camera on your tablet, then this is not for you!

A Sim slot for 3G/4G would have bee nice, but they do a 2GB/32GB Octo Core version which does have a Sim slot and supports 3G and 4G if you need this

To Summerize

This is a great tablet with great specs for a fraction of the price of an iPad (which it tries to look like)

The OS is fantastic and has not given me any cause for complaint, I am actually using this over my laptop now as it runs so well

The video playback and display quality is a pleasure to watch

The fact that you can extend up to around 178GB memory means this is all you should need for jumping online wherever you are

I think most of your friends will be quite surprised by this tablet, and how much you paid for it