offline positioning, easy access to video calls at 608 yuan,$86

igeekphone August 2 news, Huawei’s new children’s watch 5 vitality version has been put on sale, the first 658 yuan, can get 50 yuan coupons, 608 yuan, $86.

In terms of design, Huawei children’s Watch 5 dynamic version uses mecha wind and is equipped with hollow silicone strap, which can win the love of children.

At the same time, this watch supports 10 AI positioning, can be real-time positioning, based on Huawei NLP algorithm multi-source map fusion positioning, the official claim that “the more commonly used the more accurate.” It also supports indoor positioning, historical track query, demarcation of safe areas, setting up and leaving school time, etc., to escort children all the way.

In terms of functions, Huawei Children’s Watch 5 Dynamic version supports video calls, which can realize video calls between the watch and various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and smart screens.

Support “shake” to add friends, can use wechat children’s watch version, QQ children’s version cross-brand to add friends, support Alipay, wechat payment QR code, parents can set limits.

In addition, the product also supports IPX8 life-grade waterproof, parents can take children’s side photos, back photos, bending photos according to the guidelines, through the AI visual evaluation algorithm can be evaluated, judge the child’s back tilt Angle, shoulder tilt Angle, armpit symmetry, waist symmetry, and give the overall evaluation results and interpretation suggestions.

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