Nubia Z60 Ultra phone preheating: 6000mAh silicon carbon negative battery, released on December 19

Igeekphone December 15 news, Nubia today announced that Nubia Z60 Ultra mobile phone is equipped with 6000mAh silicon carbon negative battery, known as “image flagship endurance ceiling”.

According to IT Home, the widely used traditional graphite negative energy density is about 372mAh/g, while the theoretical energy density of pure silicon negative materials can reach 4200mAh/g, which is 10 times the energy density of graphite negative. However, silicon anode will expand in charge and discharge, silicon and lithium reaction volume expansion can reach 300%, and adding carbon packaging is one of the effective ways to solve the silicon anode expansion, so there is a silicon carbon anode battery.

The appearance of the Nubia Z60 Ultra has been previously announced and will be available in Star Collection, Milky Way and Star Flare color schemes. Among them, the backplane of the Starry Sky Collection edition adopts the exclusive naked eye 3D star diamond relief technology, combined with the high-resolution starry sky micro-etching process, with “lens nano texture”; Galaxy and Star Flare color matching using AG scrub process to achieve matte and bright collision.

The front of this new machine uses a fifth-generation UDC full screen, the screen border is narrow; The back is equipped with 18mm 50MP outsole large aperture wide Angle, 35mm 50MP high fixed optics (known as “more than an inch”), 85mm 64MP latent flagship telephoto, all support OIS optical stabilization.

In addition, the Nubia Z60 Ultra is also expected to be equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, 80W wired fast charge, and IP68 dust and water resistance.

Nubia Z60 Ultra phone will be released on December 19 at 14:00, pay attention to more news of this new machine, interested friends can follow the Igeekphone follow-up report.

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