Now Meta’s Quest 3 lets you choose: better battery life or better VR graphics?

A close shot of a woman wearing the Quest 3 headset
Stay immersed for a bit longer, but maybe not as immersed. | Photo by Becca Farsace / The Verge

Meta is rolling out a software update that lets Quest 3 users eke out more battery life at the expense of graphics quality.

In addition to this new Battery Saver mode, the v59 update also gives VR streamers a way to keep track of YouTube Live Chat within the headset, includes more reactions and stickers in a chat, adds legs to your avatar in Horizon Home, and enhances the Activities tab to easily find friend recommendations and drop in to play. Another note says that the Remote Display app from the Quest Pro “will become available for Quest 3 and Quest 2 over time,” allowing wearers to project their own computer screen into a VR environment.

With the new update, users can switch to a lower graphics output setting on Meta Quest 3 that…

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