NORTH EDGE NHC Smartwatch Review: Banggood Sales at $39.99

In an era where wearable technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, the North Edge NHC Smartwatch stands out as a versatile and feature-rich device designed to cater to the needs of health-conscious individuals and tech enthusiasts alike. With its blend of technology, ergonomic design, and a plethora of fitness and smart features, this North Edge NHC Smartwatch promises to be a reliable companion for users looking to monitor their health and stay connected on the go.


The North Edge NHC Smartwatch boasts a sleek and modern design that effortlessly complements both casual and active lifestyles. Its 1.65-inch full-touch display with a resolution of 240*280 pixels offers crisp visuals and responsive touch controls. The watch’s case, constructed from PC and 316L stainless steel, not only provides durability but also lends it an elegant look. The silicone and stainless steel band ensures a comfortable fit, making it suitable for extended wear during various activities.


One of the standout features of the North Edge NHC Smartwatch is its comprehensive health monitoring capabilities. Equipped with a range of sensors, including a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen (SpO2) monitor, electrocardiogram (ECG), and HRV function, it provides users with real-time insights into their health. Additionally, the mental stress analysis and sedentary alarm functions help users manage their stress levels and stay active throughout the day. The sleep monitor offers valuable data to improve sleep patterns, while the multiple sports modes, calorie, distance, and step count tracking encourage users to stay physically active.

On the smart side, this smartwatch doesn’t disappoint. It can receive call and message reminders, ensuring you never miss an important notification. With the Zeroner Health Pro app, available on both Android and iOS devices, users can access detailed health data and customize their watch settings. The watch also offers music and camera control, an alarm clock, stopwatch, weather updates, customizable dials, and even a “Find Phone” feature for those prone to misplacing their devices. The IP65 waterproof rating adds an extra layer of versatility, allowing users to wear it during workouts or rainy weather.

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The North Edge NHC Smartwatch emerges as a commendable choice for those in search of an affordable yet feature-packed smartwatch. Its blend of health monitoring features, smart functions, and a stylish design make it a versatile companion for everyday life. The extended battery life of up to 25 days in standby mode and 5-7 days of regular use ensures that you can rely on it without constant charging. Whether you’re an avid fitness enthusiast or someone looking for a convenient way to stay connected, this smartwatch ticks many boxes.

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In conclusion, the North Edge NHC Smartwatch presents a compelling proposition in the world of wearables. Its combination of style, substance, and affordability makes it a worthy addition to your tech arsenal, helping you track your health and streamline your daily routine with ease.

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