NOKIA mobile updates the Update Tracker, ADDING THE NOKIA X71

nokia x71

Nokia’s nomenclature of its premium devices across the globe has lacked parallelism for a while. For instance, the Nokia X5, X6 and X7 were recognized as Nokia 5.1 Plus, 6.1 Plus and 8.1 across the Globe (including Taiwan) except China. With the announcement of Nokia X71, the phone is available in Taiwan and China under the same name, and we might see the device carry the same name globally.

Update Tracker includes Nokia X71

HMD’s update tracker site, lets users check if an update started rolling out for their Nokia device. After the release of Nokia X71, the company included the new X71 with the latest data refresh that happened on 23rd April. The data for X71 shows that the device received an MR update and security patch for March on 10th April, as a day one update for X71 users in Taiwan.

Nokia X71 is the only device from the X series included on the list. Considering the price of the device it seems too pricey to be a Nokia 6.2, and closer to a Nokia 7.2. On the other hand, placing the X71 as Nokia 6.2 (and overall reducing the portfolio) could be a good move too, if the price stays the same outside China (less likely).

Anyways, if you want to check the update tracker you can do it by clicking here.