Nokia 7650 Flagship Concept Design, Specs, Features, Review

The Nokia 7650, Nokia’s classic flagship phone, was a miracle. It was not cheap, and it could take photos. But since Nokia’s demise, many of its flagship models have become a thing of the past. But what do you think the Nokia 7650 would look like if it were released again? Foreign media produced a group of concept pictures about the new Nokia 7650, in this group of concept pictures, the appearance of the new Nokia 7650 has undergone a qualitative change.

The new Nokia 7650 looks very much like the original Nokia 7610, with one of the four corners having rounded corners, while the other four corners are still at right angles. The design is reminiscent of Nokia’s classic Lancet look, which is reproduced on the new Nokia 7650. While the new Nokia 7650’s screen isn’t lit up, it has sensors like a front-facing camera in a right-angled area in the upper right corner.

After the screen of the new Nokia 7650 is lit up, it can be seen that the display area of the new Nokia 7650 is still the Lancet design. But in terms of appearance, the new Nokia 7650 does not show the appearance of the Lancet more intuitively, because considering the front-facing camera and sensors and other factors, so the upper right corner of the fuselage position is retained.

As for the design of the body, the new Nokia 7650 can also be said to follow the trend of technology, such as the camera on the back of the body using a single lens and dual lens module. The design of this lens module should be said to be familiar with the appearance, because there have been domestic mobile phones with lens module and a single camera design before. In addition, the new Nokia 7650 combines the Nokia logo with the lens module, which is still highly recognizable.

Years ago, Nokia partnered with Zeiss to put Zeiss lenses on Nokia’s flagship phones, a practice later copied by Huawei. The new Nokia 7650 also retains the Zeiss lens design, but the main camera has a raised body, while the dual-lens modules in the lens module remain flush with the body.

I’m not really worried about the hardware inside the new Nokia 7650, I’m more concerned about the system. Nokia had been known to use Symbian, but its later collaboration with Microsoft failed due to lack of ecosystem support. Now, the most likely one is Android. The new Nokia 7650 follows the mainstream with Android. If you look at Huawei’s powerful Hongmong OS, it also needs to be compatible with Android software.

If the new Nokia 7650 is sold in accordance with Nokia’s top flagship mobile phone, it is estimated that the price will not be cheap. As the current top flagship mobile phone, the price of more than ten thousand is not a big deal. However, if Nokia mobile phone adopts the means of hunger marketing, it is likely that the new Nokia 7650 will be sold at a higher price after its launch. If the new Nokia 7650 went on sale and had to be marked up, would you snap it up?

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