NO.1 GS8

Smartwatches are experiments. For a taste of the future, you’ve got to live with compromise on your wrist. But for a lot of people, connected watches are best kept simple.The smartwatch category is growing, and the forecasts point towards steady growth for the next few years. But fitness and wellness has clearly emerged as the key reason to jump into smartwatches . Battery life wins out over tons of features, and ease of use over feature bloat. After all, that’s what phones are for. Watches are where we check things quickly.

Design & Built Quality

NO.1 GS8 goes for a clean look and , the main body of the watch is stainless steel whit mat black finish .The strap is really comfortable and made of silicon , like other’s it has two tone design comes in four flavours (Silver + Yellow,Black + Green, Black + Red ,Silver + Gray ).The buttons are knurled for easy grip. The cover of the micro-usb port is award to use , is really hard to open and i thing at least difficult to use.


Beyond the more obvious analogue watch styling, the NO.1 GS8 large size is dominated by a 1.3-inch IPS display and a resolution of 240 x 240 There’s nothing really groundbreaking result is a good-looking smartwatch. The Shape of display round how it suppose to be not like in other cheap Smartwatches whit a square display inside the round dial .
Touch screen is responsive and if really have to type a message on it you can try .


GS8 has a intuitive interface , every thing is nicely layout but you have to get used to idea behind the interface. What i did not like is the fact that always when you hit the back button it always take you at clock face , even even when i want to stat on that menu to chose a different option .
Notifications are well handled, letting you respond easily.
The key essential apps used most of the time on a smartwatch are present on the GS8. These include watch faces, activity tracking, a phone dialer, messaging app, weather, reminders, calendar, alarm, contacts, and the ability to find your phone.
Also tracking my heart rate and blood presure, and then records these events But like always a medical device will be more precise .
This kind of intelligence is exactly what I expect from a wearable device.

Performance and Memory

The chipset of NO.1 GS8 is powered by MTK2502, RAM 32MB and 32 MB ROM. For all what it need’s is sufficient, no significant hiccups with regards to performance are observed.

Call quality

Placing a call is a fairly simple process, you can connect to you Phone via Bluetooth or using the nano-sim from the watch.
Speaker for hands free is place on the inside  and microphone is on the back side . Call quality is ok , loudspeaker is loud enough to hear comfortably in a busy office, but walking alongside traffic it becomes more of a struggle , the microphone clarity was a little on the low side .

Battery Life

For my usage the 300mAh is good for 2-3 days , But see an heavy user will drain it in a day .
What i don’t like is that cover for a built-in Micro-USB port to charging it . The cover is hard to get it off and if you don’t fix it i thing is no longer water prof.


Is has it faults but overall is a great product like most NO.1 products and try keep in mind the price . Very good to entry in smartwatch market to have a taste of the concept.
Lots of features, good looks and build quality .

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Packing List
1 x No.1 Gs8 Smart watch
1 x Charging Cable (Micro USB)
1 x Chinese-English User Manual