NO.1 F3 Review

A real smartwatch ?

NO.1 has been on a bit of a roll with its smartwatches .
F3 sacrifices many features to get a big advantage , but this minus make it still a smartwatch ?

Design & Built Quality

NO.1 went with a bigger design, more sporty offering something for fitness lovers and admirers of classic-looking watches.
F3 comes in 4 color combination : Black Blue, Black Red , Blue White, White Orange.

All of them look great but the best looking is the one I got to review Black Blue.

The watch itself is not as heavy as it looks, but it does have heft for only 53g. The main body of the watch is metal and feels very sturdy.The strap is made of silicon and is really comfortable, and two tone design makes it look apart.What i did not like about strap is that is sort , i had to put it on last position to be comfortable.

IP68 clam is waterproof in 30-meter water i could not test that but , I wore the F3 in the shower several times and no issues so far. This is a big plus if want to use the watch outside or in bad weather condition

Display & Features

Monochrome Display is really clear and easy to read , for the moment you need to read it a night it has cyan back light that is not to strong to hurt your eyes but sufficient for night operation .
Due to this display whit really low power consumption and Dialog DA14580 the world’s lowest power ring chip . NO.1 claims one year of battery life even whit 240mAh battery.
List of features is plentiful like Calorie, Sedentary reminder, Stopwatch, Alarm , Sleep monitor, Altimeter ,Barometer, Mileage, Remote Camera or some notification about Message , Calls and different notification customizable from the app
Most of the features information are taken from your smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 smoothly
FundoBracelet is the app that can connects to F3 and provides some additional function or F3.
Changing your goal’s in term Kcal consumption, all sort of notification


I dont know if is really a 100% Smartwatch. To be a real one it need to have on operating system.F3 is really dependent on FundoBracelet .
For me is more an feature watch whit some smart features and unbeatable battery life .
For the price I really recommend it .

You cand get it from Here !

Package Included:

1* NO.1 F3 Smartwatch Bracelet
1* Manual