NO.1 F13 Review

In recent times i have a lot of experience whit NO.1 smartwatches , and I was glad that there were a evolution over time . Every new model was a improvement over the the older model , even in small areas but i keen eye could see a more attention to detail, a better build quality or ease of life inserted in the design . But NO.1 F13 is disappointment , I don’t know if i got faulty one but my sample has a lot of problems.

Design & Built Quality

NO.1 went with a NO.1 went with a less color , all the watch is black whit some small contrast colors . Still, it has that 4 physical buttons to navigate plus a touch key on the bottom of the screen’s smartwatch.

The main body of the watch feels very sturdy and the back side is metal the stainless-steel look really nice and a good point .

The strap is made of hard plastic is not really comfortable, and this is really a step back , the older model had a silicon strap that were much more comfortable

I wore the F13 in the shower several times and i notice a white
bubble inside the display. In the back one of the point for recharging the battery corroded.
Also i don’t if related whit the water but one of 4 physical buttons got stuck and shuffle the menu .

Display & Features

The device has a 1.0 “ inch TFT LCD, it is a color screen display whit a touch zone on the lower side . Display is really clear and easy to read .
F13, the smartwatch has the multi-mode sport that fans are excited about

Most of the features information are taken from your smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 smoothly
The smartwatch is powered by Nordic 51822 processor and battery capacity of 350mAh NO.1 claims over 25 days , in my chase just under a week of battery live, i bet the constant menu swamping due the stuck physical button did not help.


For me F13 is a BIG disappointment. I hope my sample was a faulty one , but if all have same problem is a no buy . Usually NO.1 have good products and do not skip on quality control.

Where to find it :
No.1 Website

Package Included:

1* NO.1 F3 Smartwatch Bracelet
1* Charger cable
1* Manual