Nintendo’s premium Switch OLED console is at its lowest price of $289.99 again

A docked Nintendo Switch OLED model sitting on a piece of glass next to its controller.
The Switch OLED has a bunch of small improvements beyond its screen, like a better kickstand and revised dock. | Photo by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge

Expectations may be high for an often-rumored Nintendo Switch 2, but until Nintendo announces something new, the best option around remains the Switch OLED. Since it’s been such a big year for Nintendo games, there’s really no shame in getting a Switch so late into the console’s lengthy lifecycle, and you can do so with some very good deals.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model with either white or neon red and blue Joy-Con controllers is on sale once again for its lowest price of $289.99 ($60 off) at Monoprice. The OLED model is the best Switch for those who spend a lot of their game time in handheld mode since its seven-inch OLED display is a little larger than the standard model and offers much better picture and color quality (yes, even…

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