Xiaomi Corp. announced the arrival of its new Notebook. The improved and enhanced Mi Notebook Air is set to launch on March 26. The company claims it to be lighter than their counterpart MacBook Air, weighing at just over 1.07 kg. Xiaomi debuted the Notebook market in 2016 with its first product Mi Notebook Air. Since then, the company has released a variety of new editions consisting of improved and upgraded hardware and software features.

The main selling point of the Notebook, as of now, is the extreme thinness and its lightweight. It is lighter in comparison to Apple’s MacBook Air which weighs 1.25 kg, and Huawei’s MateBook 12 that weighs over 1.3 kg.


Xiaomi is manufacturing different sized Mi Notebooks with varying features in China. In 2018, the company introduced 15.6-inch and 13.3-inch Notebooks powered by Intel i3/i5/i7 chipsets. Over the years, the electronics maker’s products have tried to replicate Apple’s products but come up with a better product.

Of course, portability is not the only upgrade in Xiaomi’s new Notebook. As of now, only limited information regarding its specs and pricing are available. To get a full insight into the product, the customers will have to wait till next week for the official launch.