New trailers: The Marksman, The Dig, The Mauritanian, and more

Liam Neeson stars in The Marksman

I finished The Undoing and while it was disappointingly messy with a plot that didn’t quite come together, I think we can all agree that 1) Nicole Kidman’s coats were amazing and 2) Hugh Grant should absolutely play more villains. I’m also kind of on a kick of catching up on shows I missed because I didn’t have premium cable, and just started season one of Homeland (I know, I know). Still deciding what I think but as I’m sure has been observed by many others, Carrie is very intense!

New trailers this week include Liam Neeson in The Marksman and Ralph Fiennes in The Dig (big “the” theme this week), and I managed to find five non-holiday flicks for you (you’re welcome).

The Marksman

At some point, will Liam Neeson get a break from…

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