New trailers: Land, The Human Voice, and Pretend It’s a City

Robin Wright in Land | Focus Features

The best thing I have watched in 2021 so far is the Ratatouille TikTok musical, it’s charming and the performances —by some big Broadway stars— are excellent. If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet (prices are on a pay-what-you-can scale), there’s still time; it will stream until January 4th. Ticket proceeds benefit the Actors Fund, a worthy cause. Be warned that the songs will definitely get stuck in your head, just like any good musical number does.

In other news I just started Bridgerton… will report back. Saucy so far.

It’s kind of slim pickins this week for new trailers, but I found a couple of interesting ones that all happen to feature strong female protagonists, a fine tone to set for 2021.

Pretend It’s a City

It’s no…

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