New trailers: A Quiet Place 2, Stranger Things 4, Loki, and more

Image; Paramount

I’m sticking with The Handmaid’s Tale for now; in the latest episode we see a lot of very improbable situations that need to happen in order to move the plot along but at last, finally, the main story moves away from Gilead. Does that mean things are going well for June? I don’t think it’s a major spoiler to say “nope, not really.” But we get to see some backstory for Janine, who asks June some uncomfortable questions in the present. More of that, please. The back half of the season looks promising.

Our trailers this week have a theme of sorts: Sequels. Trailers for the sequels to A Quiet Place and Stranger Things, and third trailers for Loki and In the Heights.

A Quiet Place Part 2

As my colleague Alex Cranz noted, this movie had its…

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