New Lenovo Tab Gets Benchmarked, With Android 11 on Board

A brand new Lenovo tablet has been benchmarked and it popped up on GeekBench with Android 11 on board. We haven’t exactly seen many Android 11 tablets so far, in fact this may just be the first. The device is codenamed TB-7306F and it comes with a pretty modest setup.

The new Lenovo Tab, let’s call it Lenovo Tab 2021 comes with a MediaTek Helio A22 processor, plus 2 GB of RAM. It sounds like a pretty barebones configuration to run Android 11 on. The scores are also very modest in GeekBench, the benchmark and source of the leak. It scores 144 points in the single core test and 498 in the multi core one. The specs line up with the Lenovo Tab M8, so this may be a follow-up to it. The last year model had an 8 inch IPS LCD panel in both HD and Full HD+ versions.

It also provided 16 or 32 GB of storage and a 5000 mAh battery. There’s a 2 MP front camera and 5 MP back camera. This definitely sounds like a $200 device, or $250 tops. It should have a plastic case, maybe some kids-oriented features and with a bit of luck quad speakers, even though that’s unlikely I feel. Usually such devices also come together with a 10 inch version. We’ll probably learn more at CES 2021.

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