Netflix and Max could be offered together in a $10 Verizon streaming bundle

Luffy and Shanks from the Netflix One Piece series.
Cheaper bundles could result in fewer customers canceling their subscriptions when they’re finished watching exclusives like Netflix’s One Piece (pictured). | COURTESY OF NETFLIX

Verizon is planning to offer its customers a discounted bundle of streaming services that includes the ad-supported tiers of both Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max. People “familiar with the situation” told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday that the bundle will cost $10 a month instead of the roughly $17 per month you’d pay for the services separately.

It’s unusual for two rival streaming services to agree to a bundle, but there are benefits to doing so via distributors like Verizon, Comcast, Apple, and Amazon. Bundles can attract more customers to both streaming services, and reduce the number of people canceling their subscriptions when they are done watching a specific show. Earlier this week, Sowmyanarayan Sampath, chief…

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