Natural Cycles gets FDA clearance to use Apple Watch temperature data for birth control

Natural Cycles app shown alongside Apple Watch
Temperature data from the Apple Watch can now be used to power Natural Cycles’ digital birth control feature. | Image: Natural Cycles

The FDA has cleared the Apple Watch for use with Natural Cycles, a digital birth control app. This means Natural Cycles users who own an Apple Watch Series 8, 9, Ultra, or Ultra 2 can now import their temperature data from the watch instead of manually taking their basal body temperature each morning. This marks Natural Cycles’ second FDA-cleared wearable integration, with the first being the Oura Ring.

Apple Watch integration is a big deal, given that it held roughly 30 percent of the global smartwatch market in 2022, which is also the year Apple introduced temperature sensors on the Series 8. While it’s far from the first smartwatch to do so, Apple’s take was unique in that it incorporated two temperature sensors. One was located just…

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