MUDRA – The World’s First Neural Input Wristband

Wearable Devices Ltd., a sensing technology start-up, based in Israel, has created an innovative wristband named Mudra, which can manage smart-watch functions by simple finger movements.

Mudra transforms interaction and control of digital devices to be as natural and intuitive as real-life experiences. Mudra lets you create amazing, delightful, and intuitive user experiences which will become the standard of wearable Human-Computer Interaction, reports Marc Hagen in Closing the Gap.

The human wrist plays a crucial part in sensing the human body. Nerve bundles and arteries pass directly beneath the skin thus it is possible to sense the electrical conductance of the nerves and other bodily functions and collect valuable data.

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In the Sanskrit language, the word Mudra refers to gesture. The hand/finger gestures or mudras have been used in Indian classical dances for indicating various ideas, events, and actions.

Mudra utilizes recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence in order to comprehend streams of incoming data from each user’s unique physiology in very high sampling rates. With the use of Deep Learning algorithms and Convolutional Neural Networks, we translate digital signals and classify them as gestures.

Mudra wristband

The Mudra device uses patented SNC (Surface Nerve Conductance) sensors which convert ionic electrical activity from the surface of the skin to electric voltage by a process of ionic exchange.

Such data is utilized to analyze the motoric actions performed by hand and finger movements. Even subtle actions, such as slight finger movement or pressure between two fingers, are registered on the SNC sensors.

There are 2 Mudra products: Mudra Inspire and Mudra Band.

The Mudra Band is basically a gesture control strap for Apple Watch. It’s compatible with Apple Watch 3 and above. It can manage Apple Watch functions by simple finger movements. Available in various band sizes, the Mudra is as tech-savvy as an Apple watch band can get.

The Mudra Band connects to the Apple Watch via Bluetooth and relates every hand gesture to a unique control function on the Apple Watch. For instance, you could skip tracks by simply curling your index finger or rotate a dial by pressing your index finger against the thumb.

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With Mudra band, you can:

  • Control your watch using only the hand that wears it, even when you have gloves on or when your hands are wet
  • Accomplish your tasks without using your nose to take or dismiss important watch events
  • Switch tracks, skip around, adjust volume while exercising without interruption

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