MSI confirms the Claw will have a 48-120Hz VRR screen

The MSI Claw gaming handheld. | Image: MSI

The MSI Claw will be one of the first handheld gaming PCs with an Intel Core Ultra processor inside — and the second with a variable refresh rate (VRR) screen. Previously, the Asus ROG Ally was the only handheld with that dynamic gameplay smoothing display feature, and it’s one of its biggest advantages, and — after a lot of back and forth — MSI has now triple-confirmed that the Claw will contain a 7-inch, 1080p, 48-120Hz VRR screen too.

Earlier today, I published that it wouldn’t have a VRR screen, after explicitly fact-checking that with the company on Friday and being told that it would require manual setup to hit a 48Hz or 60Hz refresh rate instead of the full 120Hz.

However, MSI continued to insist that the screen was VRR, and I…

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