Motivape Vaper Review

Just recently we received a review-set from Motivape for an unbiased review. The review-set contained 2x Motivape Vapers and a pack with 4 different flavored vaper liquids. Together with the vapers and the liquids also 2 different lanyards were included in the review package.

The Vaper on the picture to the left is the version in Aurora colour. The second one came in the Shiny Silver colour. All in all the packaging and the vapers look very much like premium devices and the design is also pretty neat.



The Motivape is a very easy to use Vaper. In order to start smoking just remove the cover from the refillable Pod and pour in the smoking liquid. Then put the cover back on and insert the refillable Pod into the Vaper.


Device Specification

Device Overview

As soon as we have tested the devices in depth we will bring a follow up to our review.