Moshi Otto Q Review: The perfect wireless charger qi standard

Qi standard wireless charger


Fast wireless charging is a concept that is being implemented on most newer models on the market. In turn, the amount of wireless accessories has seen a steep rise over the years. Since most of these models are made to compete with tight prices they look quite bland. This is where the Moshi Otto Q comes in. It is a perfect blend of style and function. For this review we tested the Moshi Otto Q with an iphone x. We took this pair in order to find the best wireless charger for iphone x. Read on to know more about on what we believe is the most stylish qi standard wireless charger on the market.


The design 

First off the bat, the Moshi Otto Q does not look like a traditional wireless charger. It does not have a plain black dull surface which you find on almost every single model out there. On the first look it does not even look like a wireless charger. That is because Moshi Otto Q’s inspiration is danish furniture. This has managed to give the wireless charger a premium finish.

Wireless charger for Android

The wireless charger has a fabric finishing. This is quite different from the other qi standard wireless chargers out there. There is a silicon ring on top to ensure that none of the devices placed to charge slip off accidentally.


Even the cable of the wireless charger qi standard is coloured grey. The uniform colour schemes used in each piece all add up to give a uniform complexion. However, one should remember that the adapter for the wireless charger qi standard does not come with the package. So it is best to find a grey coloured adapter to match the rest of the components.



How heavy is the wireless charger qi standard?

The Moshi Otto Q is surprisingly low weight. The entire charger weighs in at only 137g. This makes it incredibly easy to carry around when the user decides to travel. Thanks to its exceptionally low weight you can even charge your devices using a laptop. Just plug in the qi standard wireless charger into the laptop and you are good to go.


Charging speed/ support

Most users are looking for an effective wireless charger for iphone x or for a similar android alternative. If so you will be delighted to find that the Moshi Otto Q supports all these devices making it one of the best options to go with when you are looking for a wireless charger for iphone x or a wireless charger for iphone xr.


The Moshi Otto Q does not have a really quick charge speed. But what it does have is good compatibility. The power of qi standard wireless charger clocks in at 10 W max output. But because it supports qi standard charging you can use it to charge any qi supported device. Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung or Huawei, the Moshi Otto Q supports it all. If you are looking for a wireless charger for the iphone x then this is a good choice to go with.


Even though the Moshi Otto Q can charge your devices at 10W of output, the speed depends entirely on the adapter. Because the Moshi Otto Q does not come with an adapter it gets limited by the power of the adapter for which it is connected to. For example, if the adapter is 5W, the charging output is 5W even though the wireless charger is capable of giving 10W. Therefore to make sure that you are not at a disadvantage attach the qi standard wireless charger to a 10W adapter.


How effective is the wireless charger qi standard?


Unlike most other qi standard wireless chargers, the Otto Q can charge your smartphone through its cover. Cases upto 5mm are supported by the wireless charger. Therefore if you are looking for a wireless charger for iphone x or a wireless charger for iphone xr, you do not have to worry about its cover at all. All this is possible thanks to its Q coil ™ module. This uses a ferrite sheet(2.6mm) to increase charging effectiveness.


Is there a charging indicator?


A big issue with wireless chargers is the lack of a charging indicator. Luckily, the Moshi Otto Q has this. When a device is being charged it is indicated by a blinking LED light. When it is done charging the LED light stops blinking.


Our thoughts on the qi standard wireless charger 


We decided to compile some of our own thoughts and experiences with the Moshi Otto Q. Firstly, we brought this because we needed a wireless charger for android. But we actually tested this using the iphone x.

During use we felt that the phone has to be placed on a sweet spot on the round charger. If it misses this spot, then the device stops charging. But after a couple of days we all managed to easily find this area. If you are looking for a wireless charger for Android, this may be a healthy choice as the sizes of the newer models makes this really easy.

Wireless charger iphone x

During charging one of the biggest issues is the device heating up. We are happy to say that the devices we tested this on did not heat up excessively. There was some heat, but this happens during all charging scenarios.


The Moshi Otto Q not only charges smartphones but all qi enabled devices. That means accessories like your Airpods can be easily charged. We tried it out on the Airpods pro and it went like a breeze.



A wireless charger is not something you would purchase everyday. Most of us have only brought one in our entire lifetimes, so it is best to go with something that is presentable. The Moshi Otto Q is definitely not a cheap alternative to what is on the market but it is in our opinion the most stylish one out there. Looks matter.

The charger did not show any signs of wear and tear after a month of constant use. We used it as a wireless charger for Android devices over the course of the duration. If you are looking for a wireless charger for Google Pixel then this might fit right in.

You can easily carry around the charger and use your laptop to power it. But the power will always be limited because of the USB output.

Overall, we had to give it a 4 out 5. We cut down on one point as it did not reach 18W of charging power. Because it is the standard set by most wireless chargers out there

4.0 out of 5.0 stars