More Alleged Drone-Flying Smugglers Nabbed in Southern China


Drone-flying smugglers are becoming a real pain for the security officials in China. According to the Yangcheng Evening News, another group of alleged drone-flying smugglers was taken into custody on Thursday. The arrest happened in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.

The city of Shenzhen saw the apprehension of three individuals by the provincial police. The arrest was followed by a suspicion of using drones and a pulley system on top of a residential building to maneuver goods into the mainland from Hong Kong. The confiscated goods include electronic devices, cosmetic products, and dietary supplements with an estimated total value of over 500,000 yuan ($74,600).

In February of last year, police in Shenzhen and Hong Kong cracked down on six alleged smuggling gangs. This resulted in the apprehension of 29 people suspected of smuggling 15,000 phones across the border per night. In that case, authorities seized nearly 5,000 phones and estimated the illegal operation to be worth 500 million yuan.