Monster Launches Affordable Wireless Headphones For $149.99

Monster is known for its range of comfy and powerful headphones, and the company has been steadily improving its audio offerings over the past couple of years, earlier they had now unveiled its latest active noise-cancelling headphones Persona. Over the years, we have seen tremendous improvements in the hearable industry in terms of their overall build, sound output, and battery capacity, besides, noise-cancelling features reduce unwanted ambient sounds by using active noise control as part of the listening experience.

This design is different from passive models which use a process of soundproofing to create a similar result. That means you can listen to your preferred audio without excessive volume. Let’s take a look at the Monster Persona headphones.

The highlight of the Monster persona headphones is the ANC. Persona active noise-cancelling headphones use a digital noise cancellation algorithm, the low-frequency noise(cars, subways, etc) in the environment can be largely eliminated, and the medium-high frequency noise can also be reduced.

Maximized Comfort & Ultra-portable

Monster Persona active noise-cancelling headphones feature plush memory foam ear cushions to form an incredible seal and sensible comfort of a high level The foldable design helps to stay wherever you go for travelling camping commuting or staying organized at home.

Superior Sound Quality

The sound quality is far more important than what the headphones look like. The most resounding feature on Monster Persona is the pure and deep bass stereo sound that offers the full experience of live music.

Worry-free Battery Life & Fast Charging Function

Monster Persona comes with the USB-C, it supports 5 minutes quick charge for 2.5 hours; of playtime and takes 1 hour to fully charge, you can use up to 30 hours via Bluetooth connection. To preserve more power, you can turn off the ANC function when not in use.

Ultimate wireless experience

In addition, Monster Persona can connect various Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, laptops, TV, and audio equipment.

Moreover, Monster is also working to bring noise-cancelling over-the-ear headphones in the coming time. To learn more about the Monster hi-res headphones, you can visit the official Product Page. For more information on Monster, visit their Facebook, and Instagram accounts. The Monster Persona carries a price tag of $149.99 and will be available at online stores, besides, a carrying case will be provided alongside a 3.5mm cord, USB C charging cable, and other essential items. Right now it enjoys the 30% off discount of Persona headphones

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