MIUI Announcement: Fix Redmi K40 “Honor of Kings” Lag Problem and Other Issues

Yesterday, Xiaomi officially issued an announcement through its community. The content of the announcement includes the memorabilia & news of this week and the progress of issues that everyone cares about. The announcement of MIUI this week responded to the top 10 questions that users reported the most.

Regarding Xiao Ai’s voice wake-up and pop-up problem for no reason, Xiaomi said that the experience of Xiao Ai’s wake-up has always been the focus of attention. It is currently promoting the upgrade of Xiao Ai’s voice wake-up algorithm. After the upgrade, the voice wake-up experience will be significantly improved, Including the problem of not awakening, difficulty awakening, and false awakening will be significantly improved.

In addition, if the user encounters the problem of Xiao Ai popping up for no reason, the reason is related to the accidental touch of the AI ​​key of a specific model, and the official is studying the corresponding solution. If the problem causes an obvious disturbance, it is recommended to turn on the switch in the “Settings-Xiao Ai-AI button-Incoming call prevention”.

The following are the answers to the Top 10 questions and progress details for MIUI this week:

The Chinese blog IT Home is informed that regarding the lag of Redmi K40 when playing “Honor of Kings”, Xiaomi stated that as the temperature rises this summer, so the performance is limited by default. Users can find performance enhancement options in [Game Acceleration] and turn on the “Performance Optimization” switch to get a better experience.

Regarding the noise problem when the Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition is connected to a Bluetooth headset, Xiaomi said that this problem has been a concern for a long time internally. It has a solution and is currently being verified. In order to ensure the quality of the incoming version, it will take some time for full verification. The follow-up progress will be synchronized in the Xiaomi community-Bluetooth circle for the first time. Thank you Mi Fan for your understanding and support.

Regarding the issue of inaccurate weather forecasts, Xiaomi has set up a special team to investigate the high-frequency problems reported by Mi Fans one by one and work with the weather data partners to study and solve them.

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