MIUI Announcement: Charging Strategy has been Optimized and Fixed This Month

Yesterday evening, Xiaomi official through the MI community issued a notice, the announcement introduced MIUI this week memorabilia and the Top10 questions answered.

As for the problem of slow charging of 55W cable for some users after Mi 11 updated the stable version system, the official answer is that as the temperature rises, the heat dissipation efficiency of the phone decreases and the body sensing temperature rises. In addition, the charging itself will generate heat, leading to the problem of slow charging speed in some scenes.

The charging strategy has been optimized, passed the first round of internal testing, and the fix is expected to be completed in the mid-July release.

In addition, the problem of too fast automatic brightness adjustment of Mi 11 has also been fixed in 21.7.2 version, please update the latest version to verify the fix.

The company said it expects to fix the problem by the end of July. The touch experience is due to a number of factors, including noise from the charger, a thicker toughened film, and the fact that some of the App’s buttons are designed closer to the edge.

Touch control is a technology that involves the comprehensive adjustment and education of hardware and software. If the frequency of problems is very high, you can also go to the nearest after-sales network for testing. Thank you for your feedback from mi fans.

It is worth mentioning that, some netizens said: how to view “due to the development version of the release of higher frequency, more timely bug repair, and stable version of the release of slow rhythm, the legacy of the bug can not be fixed in time. So the development version is more stable than the stable version?

In this regard, MIUI quality department responsible person Zhou Zhibin replied: the development version is a fixed cycle of release, because the release scope is limited, there are problems can be withdrawn in time, and the development version of the user hands-on ability, it can be rolled back system to solve some difficult problems.

However, the stable version has a large user group, and the withdrawal of the version will bring a great impact. From our internal statistics, the proportion of the withdrawal of the stable version is much lower than that of the development version. This is thanks to the mi fans who gave us feedback on the development version and helped us to make the stable version stable.

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