MIUI 14 Update to Be Available for More Than 40 Models

Today, Xiaomi Xiaoai’s official Weibo account made an exciting announcement that Xiaoai Suggestion, the popular smart assistant, is now fully compatible with the MIUI 14 system and has extended its support to over 40 Xiaomi models. This latest update brings an enhanced user experience and expanded functionality to Xiaomi device users.

To access Xiaoai Suggestion on their devices, users simply need to navigate to “Settings – Xiaoai Classmates – Upgrade Xiaoai Suggestions.” From there, they have the option to add the Xiaoai Suggestions widget directly to their device’s desktop, enabling them to seamlessly engage in a variety of smart interactions.

The list of supported models continues to grow and currently includes the Xiaomi 13, 13 Pro, 13 Ultra, Xiaomi 12S, 12S Pro, 12T Pro, 12S Ultra, 12 Pro, 12X, Xiaomi 11, 11 Pro, 11 Ultra, Redmi K60, K60 Pro, K40, and several other popular Xiaomi and Redmi models. This extensive compatibility ensures that a wide range of Xiaomi users can benefit from Xiaoai Suggestion’s features.

Xiaoai Suggestion goes beyond basic voice commands and offers users a host of efficient suggestions tailored to their habits and location. With over 20 scenarios covered, users can enjoy features such as meal order reminders, medication alerts, parking assistance, food shelf life notifications, attendance check-in reminders, and much more.

By leveraging the power of a local cognitive engine, Xiaoai Suggestion can accurately detect the user’s real-time geographical location, whether they’re at home or heading towards a subway station, predicting relevant scenarios and adapting to user habits and preferences. This enables the assistant to provide personalized and timely suggestions for schedule reminders, meal orders, subway ride codes, smart home controls, weather updates, travel advice, QR code scanning, medication reminders, food expiration reminders, countdowns, attendance check-ins, and various other tasks.

One of the key advantages of Xiaoai Suggestion is its strong emphasis on localized computing. By utilizing robust end-to-side computing capabilities, all sensitive data is processed and stored within the device itself, ensuring that user privacy is protected. Unlike cloud-based solutions, this approach eliminates concerns about potential data breaches or unauthorized access to personal information.

In conclusion, Xiaomi’s integration of Xiaoai Suggestion with the MIUI 14 system and its extensive support for numerous models represents a significant milestone in enhancing the smart assistant experience for Xiaomi device users. With its comprehensive range of features and localized computing approach, Xiaoai Suggestion offers personalized and secure assistance across various scenarios, allowing users to enjoy the full potential of their Xiaomi devices without compromising their privacy.

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