MIUI 13 New Poster Exposure: Break the Old

Recently, the MIUI team set up a pioneer group to repair various bugs put forward by users. According to the feedback of many users, with the efforts of the team in a few weeks, the problems of various models of Xiaomi, such as stalled and stuck, have been greatly reduced, and the fluency and stability have been effectively improved.

This is also a reversal of the first half of the public praise of MIUI system collapse, the confidence of many Xiaomi fans, but at the same time, the company is also pushing ahead with bigger plans.

Xiaomi has been working on the next big version of its software, MIUI 13, for a long time, and is now in the final stages of development, according to a source. The source said that the company has listened internally to users and will make major changes to the system, streamlining many features.

This morning, a netizen exposed a suspected mi internal outflow of MIUI 13 propaganda poster, which LOGO below the “break and then reborn”, slogan is very striking, which seems to also confirm the awakening of MIUI burst change, this version will also become in recent years the largest version of this for Xiaomi.

Previously, Xiaomi executive Li Ming has revealed in Weibo that the new version of MIUI will make good use of the development version, to avoid the outflow of the basic stability bug, but also begin to solve the problem of internal test is not smooth.

The basic stability is the foundation of a mobile phone system, and after solving the stability problem of MIUI 13, it will bring a very comfortable use experience for MIUI mobile phone through the accumulation and precipitation of many pieces of technology.

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In addition, the current version of MIUI 13, which is currently in private beta, also includes memory expansion technology, which can be activated by a special switch to improve the smoothness of smaller models.

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