Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Still Being Developed, Coming This Fall

Samsung’s future flagship tablets have leaked a bunch of times and so has Microsoft’s new Surface Pro. Well, this time we learn that the device may have been postponed for a Fall release. We’re talking about the Surface Pro 8, which is rumored to come around the usual October time frame.

Last we heard, Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 7+ at CES 2021, without even a peep from leaksters. It’s an enterprise and business tablet, not a very mainstream product. Now sources familiar with the development talk about Microsoft’s new product, indicating that it’ll definitely launch in the fall. We’ll end up with a 2 in 1 tablet, that probably packs a 12.3 inch PixelSense display and the latest Intel Core Gen 11 CPU. Surface Pro 7 came back in October 2019 and it’s definitely due an upgrade.

The design stays the same and we expect aluminum and magnesium alloys, a kickstand and maybe narrower bezels. Up to 32 GB of RAM is promised and the latest quad core Intel CPU should be inside. It’s also time for a new Surface Dial, Surface Pen maybe, don’t you think? One may also wonder what are Microsoft’s plans in the ARM device arena, since Apple’s M1 is getting some praise on the MacBooks and Mac Minis. A Surface Pro with ARM could always happen, if Qualcomm delivers a competent solution and Microsoft tweaks up Windows 10/10X a bit and finally gives us something new.

AR should also matter more on the Surface Pro 8, plus 5G and a higher refresh rate, if MS wants to compete with Samsung and Apple.

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