Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Real Images Exposed

Surface has quietly grown into Microsoft’s strong hardware business, with annual product updates. This year, however, we saw only the Surface Laptop Go and the Surface Pro X, which only has an upgraded processor.

But according to the latest leak, the Surface Laptop 4 is ready.

A few days ago, it was reported that someone had taken a photo of Surface Laptop 4 in the FCC in the United States. Unfortunately, there was only one photo. Cozyplanes stands for Surface Laptop 4, 1950.

You can only see the Microsoft LOGO, the black frosted metal shell, the Length of the A side is 33 cm and the width is 24 cm, which is the same as the current 15-inch style.

The same source also pointed out that the Surface Laptop 4 is still available as an AMD Viroon processor. It is expected to be a Viroon 4000 or 5000 series, but the model is different from the market, and will be customized by Microsoft.

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Given that Surface Laptop 3 was released in 2019, Laptop 4 really can’t go any further. It is rumored to be released as soon as January of next year, coincing with the announcement of the so-called Rayon 5000 mobile APU CES debut. Of course, the case of The Rayon 5000 APU is quite complicated, while the Zen2 and Zen3 remix.

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