Microsoft Surface Duo Will Receive Android 11 This Summer

For the Surface Duo, Microsoft had promised regular updates for its foldable device. Unfortunately, it cannot be said that this promise has been respected, given that the Microsoft Surface Duo has not received updates for a few months now.

According to a report by Dr. Windows, it seems that the situation is about to change and that Microsoft is ready to update the Surface Duo with the Android 11 version later this year, tentatively in the summer. This became known from a virtual meeting of Microsoft representatives in the US with the press in Germany before the upcoming launch of European sales of Surface Duo.

The exact release date of the new version of Android has not been specified, but the developers are actively working with Google to optimize the software and even transfer some software features of the Surface Duo to the Android base. This will allow third-party developers to take advantage of Microsoft’s best practices to create similar devices.

Of course, by the time Android 11 is released for Surface Duo in the summer of 2021, Google will already be preparing to release a stable version of Android 12. Such long delays are due to the outlandish form factor and the need for a large number of optimizations (and bug fixes) of the software. Thus, users will have to settle for not only significantly outdated components but also not the most recent OS release.

Still, it’s nice to know that Microsoft hasn’t given up on the Surface Duo and is even continuing to invest in the project. Moreover, support from Google gives reason to believe that we will see the second generation of this unusual smartphone despite not the most flattering reviews of the original Surface Duo.

Recall that on February 18, 2021, Surface Duo sales will start in the UK at a practical double price compared to the American one. The smartphone will also be available in Canada, Germany, and France, but the exact date of the start of sales in these countries is still unknown.

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