Microsoft really recorded a Christmas carol with the words ‘Bingle Bells’

Microsoft tweeted a fake commercial for a pretend holiday album called Microsoft Holiday Hits, a not-real, four-CD album that claims it features “60 festive favorites.” I want to reiterate that this is not a real album — but the company actually went to the effort to record tidbits of Microsoft-themed versions of classic Christmas carols anyway for the lols. I dearly love puns, dad humor, and terrible jokes, but even I groaned at some of what Microsoft did here.

Here are the lyrics to one eye-rolling carol:

Joy to the Word / spellcheck is done

It fixed all of my stuff

Or how about this classic? I look forward to hearing your collective sighs of despair over the Internet:

Please Mute Ye Merry Gentlemen / You’re talking far too loud


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