Mi 13 Ultra mobile phone pushes the HyperOS official version of the internal test system, upgrading the memory management engine and intelligent network selection capability

Igeekphone December 1 news, Xiaomi user operations manager @Little fat little fat human treasure announced in Weibo this evening, Xiaomi 13 Ultra mobile phone has pushed HyperOS official version of the internal test system, upgrade package size 6.2GB.

Igeekphone summarizes the update and upgrade as follows:

Xiaomi HyperOS
Xiaomi Surging OS to create a “human-car home ecology” operating system

Updated Google Security Patch (2023 # 11) to improve system security

Underlying reconfiguration
Xiaomi Surging OS underlying reconstruction, play excellent hardware performance

Mission-critical identification dyeing technology, dynamically control resource allocation according to task importance, stronger performance and lower power consumption

Ultra-low power rendering framework for improved battery life and smoother animation

SOC integrated frequency modulation, series hardware resources of the whole machine, faster response to changes in computing demand, less frame loss and more smooth

Intelligent IO engine, focus IO priority execution, avoid preemption more smooth

Upgrade the memory management engine, reduce the consumption of system memory management resources, improve overall performance and fluency, greatly improve the available memory and background resident capability. Refresh the storage technology, reduce storage fragmentation, and make mobile phones last as long as new

The intelligent network selection capability is upgraded, and the network in the weak network environment is smoother

Super near field communication, higher mutual transmission rate, lower transmission power consumption

Signal intelligent selection engine, dynamic adjustment of antenna strategy, improve signal stability, multi-network cooperation upgrade, greatly reduce network lag

Cross-end intelligent connection
Xiaomi HyperConnect cross-end interconnection framework, so that devices efficient connection, extreme collaboration

New converged device center, dynamic real-time networking of all devices, you can view and control the surrounding devices in the control center

The cross-device experience has been fully upgraded, and supports cross-device calls to a variety of hardware capabilities such as cameras, screens, and communications

Applications, audio and video, clipboard and other data and services support free flow between multiple devices

Global security
Security and privacy architecture for device interconnection

Devices are mutually verified by the TEE, and data transmission is hardware-level encrypted

Cross-end privacy system, including interconnection permission management, interconnection behavior reminder and interconnection behavior record

Sense of life aesthetics
The global-oriented sense of life aesthetics creates a delicate and comfortable vision and a light and coherent dynamic effect, and the diversified and integrated expression brings a new system aesthetic experience

New dynamic language, bring light and coherent global dynamic experience

Vitality color system, full of natural colors of life, make the interface look new

Unified system font, designed for the world

New weather design, real-time weather engine to create a surreal visual experience

Global focus notification system, dynamic display of key information changes

The new art lock screen, so that each of your photos into a poster, more dynamic glass material, bright screen instant exquisite

Desktop icon design upgrade, color modeling refresh

Self-developed multi-rendering technology, presenting a delicate and comfortable natural visual effect

Refactoring multitasking window management, unified interaction, efficient and easy to use important tips

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