Meta is adding public text-based chat to Horizon Worlds

Some Horizon Worlds avatars hanging out around a virtual campfire.
A voice chat feature is already available in Meta’s Horizon Worlds platform, but the new world chat will work more like a text-based group message. | Image: Meta

Meta is introducing a public, text-based social feature to its Horizon Worlds VR platform. The new “world chat” feature resembles that used by online multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, allowing users to send messages to other people within the same world session. Meta says that world chat is currently rolling out to a “small number of people” and that the company hopes to expand availability “later this summer.”

Users have the option of either selecting a person’s name to view their profile and invite them to connect or tagging the user with “@username” to mention them in the public world chat. The feature will include ease-of-use tools like quick replies to help users to connect without typing out long messages. Meta hasn’t…

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