Meizu Watch Official With eSIM, App Support and Flyme For Watch

The launch of the first smartwatch of the Chinese company is official: Meizu Watch and the dedicated Flyme For Watch interface have finally arrived on the market with level technical specifications, a very well structured software and an honest price.

Meizu believes that a real “smart” watch should have three characteristics: independence from the smartphone, correct collaboration with it, and the ability to expand “smart” capabilities.

The Meizu Watch has a special Corning Gorilla Glass and an individual AMOLED display with a pixel density of 326PPI. The size of the dial is 46 mm.

Meizu Watch supports gesture control and a new kind of unlocking, which is more convenient than other similar solutions.

Meizu Watch offers a very rich selection of watch faces of various styles, including artistic watch faces. There are two color combinations, stone black and azure, and the strap is made of fluoroelastomer.

The back of the Meizu Watch is made of all-ceramic and the sensor uses a custom-made Fresnel lens. Meizu Watch uses a metal frame without barriers and inserts for antennas, but the communication system is implemented at the level of smartphones and eSIMs are installed.

With the addition of eSIM, Meizu Watch can realize smartphone-independent Internet access functions. Supports QQ, NetEase Cloud Music, Baidu Maps, and other functions.

All Meizu smartwatches are equipped with the Flyme For Watch system. It allows you to implement more functions in the watch and fully inherits the basic capabilities of Flyme for smartphones, as well as more than 300 exclusive optimizations for watches. In most cases, the refresh rate is 60Hz, which makes for a reasonably smooth interface.

Meizu Watch can fully realize the interaction with smartphones in the form of message reminders, notifications, scheduled events, etc., as well as realize big data transfer, support remote camera photography. Meizu Watch also supports the Aicy smart voice assistant and the ability to interact with it in real-time through headphones.

You can install different applications on your watch. The first batch of compatible apps includes Alipay, Horizon Air Travel, Baidu Maps, and other universal apps. Also customized Sogou input method, which allows you to freely enter text on small screens. In addition, accessibility is supported, with which you can remotely control Tesla vehicles anytime, anywhere.

In terms of hardware, the Meizu Watch is powered by Qualcomm’s most powerful new generation Wear 4100 chip with a 12nm process that extends battery life and reduces heat generation. The linear motors in the watch have been exclusively adapted for various scenarios. Different types of vibration indicate different information that came to the smartphone.

Meizu Watch supports fast charging. They can be fully charged in 45 minutes. Meizu has also specially designed a separate fast charging base that connects via the USB Type-C interface.

The watch supports:

  • monitoring of blood oxygen saturation;
  • Accurate determination of heart rate and can continuously organize the detected data. They will also alert you when your heart rate is too high or too low;
  • Identifies excitement and guides them through breathing training, which can relax users during a tense environment;
  • track sleep during which heart rate and blood oxygen levels are counted;
  • the watch will make an emergency call and send out calls for help to loved ones, with abnormal heart rate values;
  • more than a dozen different kinds of movements are supported, without manual settings, they can automatically record exercise data.

The cost

The price chapter of the new Meizu Watch is the mirror of what the smartwatch offers. In fact, we have a price of 1499 yuan (about $285), which is certainly not cheap but which is going to clash (at least at home) with the fierce competition of OPPO, the same Huawei, and with the external Apple and Samsung. Lastly, its first batch will go on sale on June 1 in China.

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