Meizu Smartwatch Can Support 15-Minute for One Day Use

Recently, Meizu officially announced that it will hold a new product conference on May 31 to launch its first smartwatch. As the release date approaches, Meizu officials are constantly revealing new selling points of the headset. Today, Meizu officially announced that the full Meizu smartwatch is faster to charge, taking just 15 minutes to cover an all-day commute.

Yesterday, Meizu official said that Meizu’s full smart watch adopts a separate design of cable seat, and you only need to bring a charger when you are on a business trip to recharge the power of Meizu’s full smart watch. The watch is also powered by a USB-C port, which can be powered by a regular smartphone charger.

According to previous exposure information, the performance of Meizu smartwatch is also quite strong. Its 12nm Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip ensures the watch’s leading performance with low power consumption. At the same time, all Meizu smartwatch will be standard equipped with an independent communication module called eSIM, so users can make and receive calls directly through the watch without using other apps.

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