Meizu Lipro Smart Home Launch Conference Confirmed: on January 5th

Meizu officially announced that the Meizu Lipro smart home new product launch conference will be held on January 5, 2021. According to the official introduction, this new product launch will re-examine the essence of smart home and trace the origin of product experience.

It is worth mentioning that Meizu released the Lipro warm-up poster yesterday. It can be seen from the poster that the Lipro brand colour is cyan, and the copywriting of “blue is blue” also has the meaning of Meizu (the Meizu logo is blue). From the surface of the word, Lipro may be a combination of Life and Pro, intended to create a better life.

At the same time, in the invitation letter of the MeizuLipro smart home new product launch conference, it was also found that the words “Inspired by J. Wong” were printed, or that Lipro was operated by Huang Zhang himself.

In addition, Meizu Technology has applied for the registration of a large number of “Lipro” trademarks, and the trademark classification covers interior decoration design, landscape lighting design services, electric door openers, electric door closers, biometric fingerprint door locks, etc.

The birth of the Liprobrand represents that Meizu has officially joined the ranks of smart homes. In recent years, the smart home market has entered a new growth period. Driven by technologies such as loT and Ai, it will bring new smart changes to the home furnishing field.

Interestingly, the author noticed that after Meizu launched the Lipro smart home brand, the LifeKit Weibo certification was renamed “former Meizu Smart Ecological Platform.”

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In 2015, Meizu upgraded “Connect to Meizu” and officially released the life kit smart hardware platform. With the support of Haier U+ platform and Alibaba Smart Cloud, the interaction between smart devices can be realized.

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