Meizu Could be Working on a New Tablet, First Leak is Here

Meizu has been pretty quiet in the smartphone segment for the past half a year or so and after the Meizu 17 models they stopped launching devices. Now they appear to be working on a tablet, which has just been leaked and pictured. Meizu is also reported to be working on a smartwatch. Anyway, let’s discuss the new slate.

Oddly enough the leak source regarding the tablet is… TikTok, or rather said Douyin, the localized version of TikTok in China. There’s a video what Meizu Care posted on its official WeChat and Douyin accounts. It includes the phrase “Let’s study how to turn Meizu 17 Pro into a pad”. The device is moved from top to bottom and then forms a tablet shape via editing. This could be a hint that a new tablet is on the way, which is a bit odd since Meizu hasn’t tackled the segment properly over the past years.

The comments of the video actually mentioned a tablet and Meizu responded with a “dog head” emoji, making the speculation stronger. Meizu actually tried to make a tablet back in 2010, the MBook, but it didn’t get much traction or hype. There were some follow-ups, but definitely not ones that reached Europe or USA. The tablet market is on an up trend, now with people working from home, students learning on tablets and eReading booming. We don’t have specs for the device, but Meizu may well capitalize on the gaming segment, or perhaps offer us a generic 10 incher with a metal body ready to fight the latest Galaxy Tab A7.

Expect to hear more about this before the year is out. An Exynos CPU isn’t out of the picture, since Samsung contributed to Meizu’s components before.

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