Meizu Announced a Patent for the Appearance of its Smartwatch

Previously, it announced that Meizu will implement the “one body, two wings” strategy this year, the mobile phone will remain the core business of Meizu, while the smart wear and smart home business will be added. According to Qiacha APP, on January 26, Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. published a “smart watch” appearance patent, the public number is CN306296501S, and the application date is September 2020.

According to the patent, the smartwatch has a square design designed to show the time, running programs, communicate, and looks a bit like an Apple Watch. The key to design lies in the combination of shape and color.

According to the recent revelations, Meizu’s first smart wearable device “Meizu Watch” has passed the national 3C certification. The information shows that the device supporting ESim 4G network connection, it can be separated from the mobile phone, and it supports 7.5W charging power. It should be noted that the Meizu Watch does not ship with a charger. From the time line, the patent published this time should be Meizu Watch.

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In addition, Meizu has applied for the registration of the trademark “Flyme For Watch“, which means that Meizu Watch and subsequent smartwatches may be equipped with the Flyme system, which is specifically developed for watch devices, to enhance the practicality of smartwatches and the synergy between products.

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