Meizu 20 mobile phone has been Updated by Flyme Stable Version System

Meizu has pushed A system update to the Meizu 20 mobile phone, the specific version is Flyme stable version, and the update package size is 1.08G.

The stable version of the system mainly for the system, game mode, communication and network, video, mobile phone manager, Aicy screen/advice, browser, notebook and calculator were updated and optimized, and improved and fixed a number of problems.

Note: The Flyme stable version system update will only be pushed to A small number of users, not all users using Meizu 20 mobile phones will receive the system update prompt.


Adjust the screen charging animation

Optimize the text color display of message notifications and blur the notification background

Control Center edit page added display music control switch

Adjusted some Aicy Overview and desktop plugin styles

Adjust hover Settings, change transparency to opacity, double-click to add “Open Control Center”, swipe up to cancel “Close current program” and “Open menu key”, swipe down to add “Open Control Center” and cancel “Close current program”

Screen sharing can be deleted after sharing

Adjust the sound mode Settings of ringtone and notification. The control center can switch ringing, vibration, and mute modes with one click

Settings – Help and Feedback Added a new search function to support the search of practical guides, user manuals and other content

Game mode

The esports mode supports up to 1500Hz screen touch sampling rate

Adjust the notification do not disturb option. By default, the notification tone and vibration are masked

Communication and network

The carrier network supports dual-card dual-communication

Add recharge center, support call charge and traffic recharge, can also buy international traffic and China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan traffic, use path: Settings > Operator network > Recharge Center

Call record merging support by contact or by time

LHDC added to Bluetooth audio codec


Camera front camera added palm camera gesture

New model watermark poster, use method: In the gallery long press a picture select > Puzzle > Select camera watermark poster

Mobile phone butler

Added Super compression for lossless compression of duplicate files and application files to maximize storage space savings

Aicy screen

Long press images on the page to support fast identification

Long press the QR code for quick identification and one-click scanning

Aicy Advice

Desktop plug-in You are advised to add a plug-in. You are advised to display the local weather, weather warning, to-do list, express news, and user manual in rotation based on the usage scenario. You can press and hold the plug-in to edit it


Add voice search, say what you want to query can quickly search


Recover Quickly create a new note in the drop-down list on the home page

New Quickly create a to-do item in the drop-down list

The Reckoner

Mortgage interest rate added LPR

Support direct input decimal point “.” Instead of entering “0.”

Problem improvement

Fixed an issue where occasionally a file was waiting to be downloaded

Fixed an issue where messages did not sound after setting custom ringtones in wechat app

Fixed an occasional application message notification location offset issue

Fixed an issue where occasionally the outgoing call control center does not respond when clicking the shortcut switch

Fixed an issue where multitasking management cards were occasionally displayed on the desktop

Fixed an issue where the browser could not turn up face recognition when accessing some websites

Fixed an issue where when receiving a voice call from a wechat dopper in game mode, clicking the notification to open the main wechat app

Fixed an issue where the occasional flash screen display overlapped with the lock screen

Fixed QQ application split voice call, Bluetooth headset silent issue

Fixed an issue where I failed to save WPS document after opening WPS document editing in File Management

Fixed an issue where the inside of the Bilibili app could slip back and not work

Fixed an issue where occasionally there was no automatic boot after setting the timed boot

Fixed an issue where the wallpaper display on the Alive lock screen was occasionally blurred

Fixed an issue with the animation stuttering when double-clicking the screen in the notification center using the Alive wallpaper

Fixed an issue where the digital health usage time was occasionally inconsistent with the actual usage time

Fixed the issue of heating and power consumption after DC dimming is turned on

Fixed occasional automatic crash accompanied by fever

Fixed an issue where the sensor was blocked while receiving the phone without blocking

Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the gallery to flash back

Fixed an issue where occasional charging automatically disconnects

Fixed an issue where I could not receive SMS notifications

Fixed an issue where the perfect status bar kept showing after the screenshot of the perfect status bar was enabled in some scenarios

Fixed an issue that occasionally the desktop does not display the privacy application page after entering the privacy password into the privacy space

Update description

Push system update through mobile phone is a safe and efficient way to update, usually does not affect any existing data, in order to prevent accidents, please make data backup before updating

The update verification takes about 10 minutes. Please wait patiently to avoid the update failure. After the update is complete, restart the phone and switch to the new version

During the update period, due to the occupation of some system resources, the temperature of the whole machine has a slight rise is normal, and there is no need to worry about it

After the update to the new system version, the upgrade to the old system version is not supported. If necessary, please go to the after-sales service network for processing

The actual effect of some changes may vary depending on the model, system version, or network operator

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