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Meizu 18 Series System Update: All Previously Advertised Functions are Realized

The Meizu 18 series officially launched the Flyme version today. Those who have not received the update push will wait a moment. Today, it will be pushed to all users one after another, supporting 2K+ ultra-clear resolution and 120Hz ultra High refresh rate double open, optimize the overall power consumption of the system, full gesture mBack and multiple function optimization.

This update has a lot of content. The functions that Meizu previously announced at the press conference have been adapted. The update package is about 2.33GB. It is recommended that you update it.

Introduction to feature update:

Optimize the overall power consumption of the system and increase the battery life. Support free matching of screen refresh rate and resolution. 120Hz and QHD+ can be turned on at the same time to bring a more extreme silky experience. New full gesture mBack, gesture navigation and classic small horizontal bar mBack are powerful Integration, the overall interactive experience is handy to Optimize the screen brightness adjustment, better adjust the brightness value, make the screen high and low brightness performance better

Optimize the screen surface to prevent accidental touch, optimize some scene drag actions, and further enhance the surface experience

Camera and Gallery
  • Added video HDR effect to improve the dynamic range and image details in the video scene
  • Meizu 18Pro adds an 8K recording function to improve recording quality and make recording clearer
  • The gallery sharing control has been revised, and the sharing operation is a more convenient and intuitive game mode
  • Multi-level colour gamut adjustment, enhance the colour vividness of game scenes

Intelligently recognize the frame rate of game applications, adjust the screen refresh rate in real-time and match the game smooth rate, balance the power consumption, and make the game more enjoyable. Optimize the frame rate performance of the glory of the king game scene, and the game experience is more stable and smooth

Optimize the game mode to prevent accidental touch, optimize the click and drag operations in the horizontal screen scene, and prompt the game immersion experience

system security

Added file deletion protection. When the app deletes photos or files, it will remind you in the notification bar and move the deleted files or photos to the recycle bin to ensure that each deletion is known and recoverable, ensuring that your important files are more secure

Added file directory access range control. When the application requests and uses storage permissions, it prompts the accessed file directory and supports storage access management down to the folder level.

Optimized the network permission pop-up window mechanism. After clicking Reject, a second confirmation will be performed, so you don’t have to worry about shaking

Charging optimization

After fast charging to 90%, intelligently judge the usage scenario to stop charging, effectively reduce the full charge time, adjust the battery charging speed, and prompt to start slow charging to delay battery ageing.

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The online music function is adjusted offline. Music members within the validity period can provide feedback through Meizu customer service, user assistance and other channels, and we will arrange refund issues to improve

Notification and status bar

Solve the problem of not displaying lyrics in the status bar

Solve the problem that the notification bar automatically pulls down after restarting the phone Solve the problem that the status bar of the Bilibili interface displays abnormally Solve the problem that the lyrics of the status bar continue to trigger message reminders Solve the problem that the status bar still displays the music application icon after closing the music application

Solve the problem of not displaying contacts on incoming calls

Solve the problem of delayed display of the answering interface when a call is received Solve the problem that the mobile network-assisted acceleration cannot be turned off Solve the problem that the shortcut switch is not turned on and greyed out when the NFC is turned on.

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Solve the problem that the weather plug-in does not update automatically Solve the problem that the phone housekeeper shortcut icon is displayed abnormally

Solve the problem of fast charging under slow charging. Solve the occasional problem that the lock screen prompts the administrator to lock the device. Solve the problem that the screen brightness cannot be adjusted after the fingerprint is unlocked in some scenarios.


Solve the problem of abnormal heating in some scenarios Solve the problem that listening to WeChat voice automatically ends in some scenarios Solve the problem that Aicy cannot wake up and cannot be entered normally Solve the problem that the phone housekeeper occasionally crashes

Solve the problem of no flash effect when setting automatic flash for ultra-wide-angle photography in low light environment

Solve the problem that applications such as Hejiaqin and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank cannot be opened Solve the problem that using a third-party input method will automatically switch back to the system input method

Solve the problem that screenshots are not loaded after opening the gallery after taking screenshots Solve the problem that frames are dropped when sliding pictures after clicking on the image from the camera to jump to the gallery.

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Solve the problem that the vibrating switch of Honor of Kings game does not work. Solve the problem of flashing around the camera. Solve the problem that the clone application cannot access the main application file.

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