Meizu 18 Series Released Flyme Update: Added a Lots of New Features

Meizu 18 series mobile phones pushed the Flyme system update on July 16, bringing a lot of optimizations and bug fixes, adding many new features. This series of mobile phones was released in March of this year and is divided into Meizu 18/18 Pro models. The whole series is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and a 2K/120Hz screen. The current price starts at 3499 yuan.

Flyme 9 This update focuses on optimizing the heating control of some game scenes to enhance the game experience. Some users have reported that after updating the system, the phone will not feel the heat problem at all during daily use. In addition, the CPU scheduling strategy is optimized, the frequency is intelligently allocated according to the usage scenario, and the system resource call is more balanced.

In terms of interface and display, this update optimizes the sliding experience of some application pages, making it smoother; optimizing system-level inertial sliding and dragging rebound animation; optimizing the screen’s primary color display function, and the screen color transition is more natural. In addition, the fingerprint recognition algorithm under the ultrasonic screen is optimized to improve the accuracy of fingerprint recognition.

Flyme new features and optimization

  • phone Guardian
  • New system applications support behavior records, and application permissions call behaviors can be mastered in one hand
  • Added pop-up and management of application tracking control, returning privacy options to you
  • Camera and Gallery
  • Optimize the wide-angle (main camera) indoor and outdoor saturation to improve the color performance of the picture
  • Optimize HDR algorithm and process to improve the stability of proof synthesis
  • Added support for volume button shutter when camera recording, quick operation is just one touch
  • Added gallery to support custom album cover, your cover is up to you
  • Added the function of freeing up space in the gallery, which is convenient for cleaning and saves the storage space occupied by pictures


The Meizu service is integrated with the user assistance application, the user assistance is canceled, the feedback and practical guide functions in the original user assistance are moved to the Meizu service, and the follow-up question feedback please submit to the Meizu Service-Feedback

  • Added Aicy to listen to songs and recognize songs to support more tripartite applications, know all good music
  • Added Aicy screen recognition translation to support voice broadcast to enhance user experience
  • Added 4×1 weather and time plug-in to make the plug-in more simple and clear

This update also brings many improvements, solves the occasional automatic restart problem, solves the problem of abnormal standby power consumption in some scenarios, optimizes the stability of the 5G network, and solves the problem of some game crashes.

Problem improvement:

The official reminder is that updating the system on the phone is a safer and more efficient way to upgrade. It usually does not affect any existing data. In order to prevent accidents, please make a data backup before updating. The update takes about 10 minutes, please wait patiently. In addition, it is normal for the temperature of the whole machine to rise slightly due to the occupation of some system resources during the update, so there is no need to worry.

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