MasterpieceVR launches Masterpiece Studio

The easiest, fastest, and ONLY way to create 3D content from concept to animation entirely using virtual reality.

There is a revolution in 3D content creation, and it is happening right now. Virtual reality and machine learning are enabling creatives to create 3D content fast and easy… and MasterpiecVR is pushing progress even farther. We’re proud to announce the launch of Masterpiece Studio. Our VR software uses powerful tech to enable creative professionals who do not have technical 3D modeling skills to easily create 3D content in minutes. It is the ONLY software that lets you jump into a virtual space to create a 3D asset from idea to usable animated 3D models. Masterpiece Studio combines two powerful 3D programs for VR: Masterpiece Creator and Masterpiece Motion. When combined, these programs reduce the technical barriers of traditional software and make 3D creation and animation up to 10x faster and 100x easier.

Masterpiece Creator is the evolution of MasterpieceVR, our first-generation 3D clay and mesh sculpting software. Creator is the big upgrade for anyone interested in making quality 3D content. We listened to what the community wanted and we are introducing some important new features professionals needs: layers, more powerful creation tools, ability to clean-up the mesh geometry, UV mapping, and other important functionality to prepare your 3D models for your pipeline.
“Creatives and artists no longer have to worry about technology being a barrier to making 3D content. Anyone can learn this software and adopt it into their existing workflow in just hours,” says Jon Gagne, CEO. “The software is a cost-effective solution for rapid ideation and project delivery.”
“Masterpiece Studio is an exceptional creative tool for our Viveport users who want to be
immersed in their creativity. This VR software is a real game-changer for 3D content creation – letting anyone learn, create, and animate in 3D,” says Bjorn Book-Larsson, VP and Head of Viveport.

About MasterpieceVR
MasterpieceVR is a technology company that is developing the most intuitive and powerful
software for content creation using virtual reality. MasterpieceVR’s software extends current
professional workflows and opens up new ways for rapid ideation, creation and collaboration in
virtual space. Creative professional teams and studios can quickly learn to create high-quality
3D content and collaborate with others from all over the world. Find out more at

Source: MasterpieceVR Pressrelease