Marvel’s Avengers has a weird bug on PS5 that puts your IP address on display

Iron Man in Marvel’s Avengers. | Image: Square Enix

Marvel’s Avengers got a big new patch on Tuesday, but alongside a number of updates, it has added a pretty bad bug on PS5. The game will now show a string of floating text on-screen while you’re playing — and notably, that string includes your IP address, according to Forbes. That means if you want to stream or show any sort of gameplay on Marvel’s Avengers’ current patch, somebody could use your IP address to learn a lot about you, such as a general idea of your location.

The developers have acknowledged the bug via the game’s Twitter account, and in tweets posted after we first published this story, specified that this bug is affecting PS5 players and shared when you expect to see a fix.

“We are currently testing a solution to the…

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