Madgiga K400

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

In today’s age video games become the main stream. According to the market research firm SuperData, as of May 2015, the global games market was worth USD 74.2 billion. eSports have many times views higher than many sports events.
These numbers reflect the number of gamers, and special products are needed for this market. So Madgiga comes to meet this demand whit K400 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.
This $99 mechanical keyboard offers an impressively responsive typing experience, and was offered by Madgiga.

Design & Build Quality

Design is a little bit eccentric but not over done. Overall color is matte black whit some blue insets . What i don’t like is chrome bar on top that has no purpose .But what I really like is the way they cover the led for  ‘Caps Lock’ or ‘Num Lock’

Unlike most rumors about this keyboard, I can tell you this keyboard is as durable as any blue keys mechanical keyboards could be. The key switches themselves are very comfortable to type on and as someone who spends the majority of his days on his computer, I can tell you that typing have never felt more comfortable. The clicking noise can be seen as a good or bad.

The keyboard is very sturdy and quite heavy. Also, the cable is braided. Unlike standard keyboards, the letters in this keyboard are lasered in with white filling. As such, they will not wear out as easily over time, unlike the normal keyboards that just have stickers on top

The keys themselves uses blue switches. Compared to black, they are less durable or weaker but much more comfortable to type on and clicks the moment you type on it opposed to black switches which requires you to push all the way down for the click.

Led back light has decent power but  a big minus is that it cannot be changed, colors is spreed in a  line but there are 10 LED color changing modes .
Second  ‘Windows’ key on the right hand side of the keyboard is replaced with the ‘FN’ key. This key can be held to activate some special functions: you can change the volume, change the correct song, toggle gaming mode, change the lighting mode, activate calculator, and start recording macros. Each of the keys to do this are conveniently explaind in the manual. The gap between the ‘Caps Lock’ and the ‘A’ key is missing.


Overall this is a great product , this keyboard is a good buy. This keyboard however is mediocre compared to other hardcore gaming mechanical keyboards but if this is your first mechanical keyboard then this would be the perfect one to get.In my opinion this keyboard is great for the person who grew up typing with mechanical keyboards and loves the sound of it.
The keyboard itself is of great quality and feels very heavy, so it’s not ideal to be carrying this around with you.
If you are interested by this porduct please Buy it here Madgiga Website.