Lumonitor: Check out this new portable monitor

We use so many different devices in our day-to-day lives such that we sometimes get overwhelmed with them. Smartphones, tv, laptop, tablets – we just play with them the whole day around; along with them, we have to manage all their distinct chargers and adapters as well. Imagine if you just don’t need to carry all the different chargers anymore as that can be served by a single device, how easy your life will be…That is possible now with Lumonitor, a product built by Lumonitor labs .

Lumonitor is a portable touchscreen monitor that you can connect to any sort of device. Just connect it with your smartphone, tablet etc. and you can watch a movie, watch a video or simply do anything else on the bigger screen.

Lumonitor labs is an audio-visual innovator and product development brand run by enthusiastic engineers and entrepreneurs. The goal of the company is to produce innovative and cool products to create a sustainable environment. They envision to create new products solely from the capital that they acquire from crowdfunding.

Now, talking more about the product, Lumonitor simply connects with anything – be it your Android phone, iPhone, tablet, iPad, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Laptop, or Desktop, you just need to plug and play. You can even connect Fire stick, Chrome Stick etc. with this too.

The screen resolution is 4K so you can imagine how amazing the experience will be watching your favorite content over this. There are two variants available for this: one is 4K and the other is 1080p. There are hi-fi speakers and a built-in power source in it. The touchscreen sense provides a very good response time of less than 10ms.

Not only for entertainment, you can have the best use of this monitor for work related purposes as well. The best part is that you don’t have to spare any time and efforts for installation/ setup, it is just plug and play.

It provides screen brightness double the amount that other monitors provide. If you are having a concern for your eyes then no need to worry as it provides eye protection features too like anti-flicker, anti-glare etc.

Another use case is its charging capacity. You can charge any device using this. So, if you are traveling somewhere and want to keep your bag free from all the different adapters and chargers of different devices then it is possible now, just carry this device and it will be capable enough to charge every other device with the different ports available.

The design is made keeping in mind the portability ease so kept slim and light in weight, You can easily carry it here and there.

If you are a business person packed up with frequent traveling and lots of work in your schedule then this device is a good go for you, you will have a really easy time managing only one device instead of too many. Same for other people too who just want to get rid of the too many adapters, chargers and wires, this device will work wonders.

You can visit the website and purchase the product and the different accessories that are sold here. Don’t wait for anything, just visit the website now, explore it and just bring Lumonitor home!

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